Leading purchasing office of
fertilizers & plant nutrition products

Commodities | Industrials fertilizers | Specialty Fertilizers
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Leading purchasing office of
fertilizers & plant nutrition products

Commodities | Industrials fertilizers | Specialty Fertilizers

Leading purchasing office of
fertilizers & plant nutrition products

Commodities | Industrials fertilizers | Specialty Fertilizers

Let's give place
to plant nutrition!

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8 Agricultural distribution groups meeting

In 2015, 6 leading agricultural cooperatives in the South of France created AXSO to build a common device for their fertilizer purchases. In 2018, two new members join the structure. The 9 groups together represent 5,5 billion euros, an agrofunding market of 740 M € and a collection volume of 5 MT.

A major player in the fertilizer market

As a leader in its market, AXSO purchases more than 600,000 tonnes of fertilizers.

We import the main commodities and raw materials such as urea, UAN, MOP, DAP and industrial fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, NPs and NPKs.

We also buy all technical and specialty fertilizers for fruit trees, vineyards and vegetable crops, as well as fertilizers reserved fot organic farming. With a totally centralized administrative management, we deal with more than forty suppliers of all types: international traders and producers including French local market actors.

At the sole service of its shareholders, AXSO’s main aim is to secure the procurement and to manage the risks of markets’ volatility but also to changes in practices such as the increasing use of organic fertilizers. The goal is to cover all the needs of the area on which our shareholders are active. Beyond the economic negotiations, AXSO ensures the respect of product quality as well as its regulatory compliance.

We only select products that meet the EC – NFU regulation requirements and/or products with French marketing authorization.


Urea, UAN, DAP, MOP…

Industrial fertilizers

AN, NPs, PKs, NPKs, …

Specialty fertilizers

Water soluble salts, coated fertilizers…


Fertilizers usable in organic farming...

Diversified crops

Our fertilizers range meet all the needs of the great South of France, a production area of more than 3,600,000 ha characterized by a large diversity of cultivated crops: broad plains of cereal crops, vineyards from the Mediterranean to Bordeaux, vegetable crops in open fields and greenhouses, fruit trees and industrial vegetables. This diversity implies into a need of continuous supply of fertilizers.

  • Blé


    Cereals represent 31% of utilised agricultural land.

  • Vigne


    Vineyards represents 11% of utilised agricultural land.

  • Maïs


    Corn represents 30% of utilised agricultural land.

  • Kiwi


    Fruit trees represents 2% of utilised agricultural land.

  • Elevage bovin

    Animal breeding

    The areas cultivated in pasture represent 10% of utilised agricultural land.

  • Pomme


    Fruit trees represent 2% of utilised agricultural land.

  • Carotte


    The production of open field vegetables covers 2% of utilised agricultural lands.

  • Tournesol


    Sunflower represents 14% of utilised agricultural land.

  • Tomate


    The production of greenhouse vegetables covers 1% of utilised agricultural land.

Plant nutrition
at the heart of our vision of

AXSO aims to emphasize and provide more value to fertilization, and more generally to plant nutrition, one of the pillars of plant health.

To do this, we created the Agronomic Commission. This commission represents a real place for exchanges and sharing of technical and environmental know how. Indeed, nowadays one needs to be more and more innovative to meet its market expectations.

AXSO is responsible for monitoring and sourcing both conventional and alternative bio solutions. We want to be proactive so as to catch all types of innovations. The power of all the agronomic services combined allows us to evaluate and qualify the latest market appearances. Our territory, which covers the so-called Great South of France, includes a great cultures diversity. The relevance and efficiency of the experimented solutions can have broad variability.

Therefore, for each situation we do find the best technical and economic compromise.

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